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Here we have posted some frequently asked questions to help you learn and understand field service management. You'll find questions about our application and general industry questions. 

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    You can look to spend anywhere from 50 bucks a month to several thousand bucks per month. It will solely depend on what features your company needs. If you just need basic functionality of managing work orders and a CRM, you're definitely on the lower scale of price points. However if you need a system that can help manage work orders, assets locations, invoicing, or even route optimization and you're likely going to be on the mid to high-end.
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    That depends on how active you use the application. if you fail to enforce your field technicians and back-office to use the program you may see longer returns than normal. He will get out of the system what you put into it. Thus if you're not inputting data around time to complete jobs, general customer information, or simply updating data it would be very difficult to measure where you started from and where you're at.

    We suggest partnering with a company like FieldXL, to help keep you engaged and focused on using the tool on a day-to-day basis through a customer success program.
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    Field service management software can improve you're end to end process. We consider everything from customer acquisition to service fulfillment. With digital tools to help automate daily tasks you'll be able to focus on your company's number one priority, your customers.
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    Field Service Management software is vital to a business’s success. Many field service companies still try to manage their customer accounts, work orders, and projects using paper, hand-written notes, and verbal communication. Businesses that once relied on these methods and switch to using a cloud-based software solution typically see exponential growth and improved customer satisfaction, which translates into more profit. Other benefits of using a cloud-based field service management software solution include:

    - Improved communication
    - Simplified processes
    - Work order and task updates in real-time
    - Reporting bottom line metrics
    - Time-tracking and team member accountability
    - Scheduling improvements
    - Reduction in duplication of effort
  • Answer:
    Field service management (FSM) is the process of managing a company’s field and workforce operations by ensuring assets and personnel are distributed strategically to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, as well as maximum productivity and efficiency of the company.


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