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FieldXL provides a digital canvas at your fingertips. Our plans module gives technicians, designers, or contractor's the ability to markup shop drawings, landscape layouts, redline floor plans, and annotate project plans. While collaborating with your team users can draw shapes, add text, revision clouds, and make digital measurements in real-time, helping your project progress faster. 

FieldXL’s drawing canvas automatically calculates areas of shapes displayed on the screen to give you a quick and easy way to provide estimates on materials. If you're installing a new floor, hardscaping a parking lot, landscaping a project, building a roof, or pouring a slab, the area calculation tool helps you make more accurate estimates on your projects.

Our all-in-one platform allows you to consolidate your toolset, avoid the use of multiple applications to do the same job (which saves you from switching back and forth between apps), and improve your bottom line all while keeping your project data connected in one place. We understand completing construction project timelines are critical. When one task slips it's a drastic domino effect. The integrated work order management feature coupled with our plans module helps support that bridge.

FieldXL drawing canvas


  • Reduce your cost and number of applications into one solution
  • Access drawing canvas and plans anywhere
  • Share plan markups in real-time
  • Improve accuracy in measurements and design
  • Associate your Plans with your work orders and projects seamlessly


We are field service management enthusiast who enjoys creating new tools and applications to XL your field service company.

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