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FieldXL, Field Service Management

As the world continues to change and adjust to our new "normal" it's becoming more critical for the safety of our employees. Keeping a safe social distance is hard enough in our day to day life but ensuring your employees are safe on the job is also an environmental factor. FieldXL provides intuitive tools to that allow strong communications with your field teams. Social distance doesn't mean our work slows down. 

FieldXL is a cloud-based, mobile-friendly app with a focus exclusively on field service and workforce management. We've been able to help businesses across several industries by consolidating and simplifying their field management software application toolset. We know how hard you work to make your business successful. FieldXL was built with that in mind - to help simplify and manage your field services so you can spend more time growing your business and improving customer service.

  • Field Service Management Solution
  • Capable for any industry
  • Easy to learn
  • Custom configuration for your service company!

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What we do?

Digitally transforming service companies

Helping service companies grow and improve business processes. 

Our features

Gets work done

FieldXL, your Field Service Management solution. 

Asset Management

Assets have both an operational and financial impact on your business.

Custom Configuration

Are you an IT company that tracks IT Assets? How does your company categorize work?

Customer Relationship Management

Keep all your pertinent customer information housed in one place.

File Repository

Save and share files, manuals, drawings, or other documents with your team and keep everything in

GPS Tracking

Ever had a technician arrive on time to the wrong customer location?

Location Management

The destination of your next opportunity could be right around the corner.


We all visualize information differently.


FieldXL provides a digital canvas at your fingertips.

Preventative Maintenance

Don't let failing equipment catch you off guard.

Project Management

Many companies continue to use traditional methods to manage work orders.

Quickbooks Integration

FieldXL provides the ability to sync timesheets and invoices to Quickbooks.


The only way to make your process more efficient is with the right analytics.

Route Planning and Optimization

Route optimization can play a major role in your day to day operations.

Scheduling and Dispatch

Building and managing your daily, weekly, or monthly schedule should not be a daunting task.

Task Management

Task Management makes it easy to "check the box" for those detailed items you need to do in order

Time Tracking

Time Tracking is one of the most critical functions for field technicians.

Warranty Tracking

Don't be surprised when your asset warranty expires.

Work Order Management

Work order management solutions for service companies to automate routine processes and keep your

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We Are Here To Help You Make The Digital Transformation!

Let FieldXL be your chosen partner to take your company to the next level!


Let's talk and see where we can help you grow and improve.


Cloud-first means fast, up-to-date, and easy-to-deploy features and upates

Ease of Use

Easy training and setup


Designed to keep up with today's latest technologies.

Customizations and Flexibility

FieldXL gives you the control and flexibility that's right for your business.


The solution you choose should fit your budget

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We are field service management enthusiast who enjoys creating new tools and applications to XL your field service company.

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